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Welcome to my official blog. I figured I would start by explaining a bit about my ‘music career’. To be honest, the older I get the more difficult it is to promote and hide behind a music project, especially one with my own name. It’s easy and fun to hide behind an alter ego or a band name but fuck it, I’ve been the little wizard hiding behind the curtain for years. I started writing songs when I was 17 way back in 2005. Back then it wasn’t known as songwriting, it was just something that had to be done for my shitty little band. I can’t help but laugh when I see peers of mine really going at it as serious ‘singer-songwriters’. Not because I’m a total dick, but just because it seems so many try so hard to go for that label. When I hear that dreaded ‘singer-songwriter’ term I want to throw up. I think of the late 90s when being a writer was a huge commodity for labels (or at least marketing yourself as one was). I think of Paula Cole and that horrible Dawson’s Creek song. I think of Duncan Sheik. I think of Rob Thomas from Matchbox 20. I want to gouge my eyes out. I am not influenced by any 90s cafe strummers, I think those people should quit playing music because they’re awful. Most songwriters I admire wear a few different hats, whether it be production or frontman of a cool band. The only solo artist I’m enamoured by is Harry Nilsson. There are plenty of greats, I just haven’t quite gotten to them yet. Nilsson was the reason I decided to go public with my demos. Oh right, my demos.

I started recording my own music in 2007 when my friend and bandmate at the time got a digital 4 track. It was obsolete technology and not even in a retro cool kind of way but we used the shit out of that thing. I first started experimenting with overdubs, arranging and production although it was pretty bad. After I received an Apple computer I was able to take this approach further through Garageband. After a year of demos (about 50 of them) I finally started learning some fundamentals. This helped me work out harmonies and more adventurous arrangements for my second band, The Mondos. I stockpiled hundereds of demos (not exagerrating, check my itunes) over the years and continue to record regularly. Because of my ultra hip friends I became very self conscious of my songs over the last year or 2. I know I am not hip but that doesn’t mean I should quit doing my thing, right? I decided to come out of the closet and start my ‘solo gig’ because I’m tired of living a secret life as a musician.

Currently, I am working on a few different projects. The first is my first solo EP (or full length depending on what comes of it). This is more of my serious and moody stuff, my babies. I really enjoy writing pop and rock songs though, and have recorded some of these as well. These will surface under my side project, Super Goose. I also began working on an EP of reworked versions of my earliest songs, which I am unsure about releasing. For now I will put my releases online for free and if it comes to it I will put out a physical release (probably cassette, maybe cd).

Oh, and I should introduce myself. I’m John Tallman, 24 years old from Rockford, IL. I am a Beach Boys freak but also enjoy other artists. I have my vices but who doesn’t?



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