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July 1, 2012

I’ve had a difficult time remembering how to post on this blog but I figured it out. Last Saturday I played my first show as a ‘solo artist’ in New Berlin, WI with Kevin Delaney (Modern Chemistry). As I posted on my facebook page, I have some roots in the Milwaukee area and it’s always been a special place for me. I played my first show in Greenfield at Kevin’s house and it’s one of my fondest memories. I hate to be nostalgic but being in high school and forming a band is a pretty exciting thing, and then to be able to get enough songs together and play a show… Wow, it was crazy for us at the time. I had a fairly sheltered life up until that point so that was kind of my ticket to do things I never normally would have. Anyways, I have a video tape of that first show that I randomly decided to convert to VHS in an act of wisdom;the master tape was recorded over soon after. I’d like to put it on youtube sometime however I feel self conscious about some of the inappropriate language we used. I still use that language too, forgive me. It starts with me and my bandmates driving to Wisconsin and the shenannigans that happen on the way. We followed my older brother’s band to the venue (Kevin’s garage) but on the way we had to make some stops. Some of this footage will probably not ever be seen due to the incriminating evidence. I think I will just blur some faces and use some bleeps. We played our set to about 10 or 15 in a little garage shortly after the previously mentioned hijinks. The set was politely received but we weren’t very good so they were probably just being nice.

I mentioned in my first blog that I was covering some of my earliest songs for fun. I actually posted one of those recently on my soundcloud page. The song is called ‘My Friend’. I feel slightly embarrassed because I put it up with my new songs and some things about the song are a little cringe-worthy for me. It was the first song I wrote and it’s only 3 chords. The first verse is like 10 times longer than the second which is very weird to me now. It’s also very adolescent sounding but being that I was 17 and full of teen angst and hormones it’s appropriate. You can listen to the song here but bare in mind it’s not something I’m promoting as new. It’s definitely one from the graveyard that won’t see much light of day other than this post.

I’m working on getting some shows booked but am still a bit overwhelmed with re-learning how to book them, the format is different than I am used to. Also, My brother Will Tallman and I will be putting out a split EP sometime soon. This will be my debut EP previously mentioned, but will probably consist of 3 or 4 of my songs plus 3 or 4 of Will’s songs. I will be going to Raleigh to record some things with him for my part of the EP and probably doing some backing vocals and maybe other work on his part. I can only assume he will be playing and singing on mine as well but I haven’t asked him yet, haha.

See ya soon, Happy 4th!


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