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I just uploaded a new song to my facebook/reverbnation, it’s called ‘She Had a Daughter’. It’s a short little number, not quite a full song. I couldn’t help but laugh at the fact that both the songs I’ve put out have ‘she’ in the title. Plus, the millions of other songs I’ve done that also have ‘she’ in them. ‘She’s so sweet’, ‘She’s on Fire’, to name a few. Plus my personal favorite, ‘She’. On the other hand, The early Beatles catalog is mainly songs with ‘she’ and ‘her’ in them and lots of Beach Boys stuff too (She Knows me too Well being my favorite). I love that old Beatles stuff. I like a lot of dumb pop songs. Who doesn’t? Oh well, this latest song was recorded in May and I forgot to upload it. Alas,

I haven’t been doing as much music lately but have been working on some demos I hope to finish soon. I got stuck on a few things so I’ve been avoiding going back to them but will resume shortly. Probably doing some acoustic sets where I can soon and hopefully forming a band.



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