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December update

I keep forgetting to update my blog, my bad. I have lots of news… First, my brother Will and I (The Artificial Hearts) are getting together to play a show Dec. 26th at Stumpys. We’ll be releasing our EP “Are You Artificial” for the first time which is exciting. We worked our asses off on those recordings and the sad thing is that not very many people got a chance to hear them and those that did didn’t seem too excited. It’s difficult when you know you squeeze every little thing you can out of a song and tweak and tweak it to get the best result and it ends up being received in a lukewarm manner. If we have time we’re going to put together some brand new acoustic recordings featuring some unreleased Hearts songs and maybe some weezer or beatles covers. I miss my brother a lot and although our year and a half of doing the Hearts was sometimes heated and uncomfortable due to our close quarters, all we have is the music now and I feel it stands on its own. If you haven’t heard all of our songs, make sure to grab an EP from me!

I’ve been working on 3 solo demos, sort of going in between all of them. I’m afraid to just finish them and of course the longer I go without doing it the harder it gets. It’s really just my voice that’s making me nervous. I don’t sing as much as I used to and when I do I don’t belt quite as much. When I go to record my voice is not the instrument I am used to. I suppose I just need to warm it up on the reg. The first song is really long and kind of epic. I originally came up with a rough demo for the song 3 years ago and over time have been building the arrangement for the song in my head. When it came to getting the official demo started, most of it was relatively easy due to my planning. The second song is more like the stuff that anyone who has followed my writing over the years would expect from me. It’s sort of a poppy emo song with big guitars. My weezer influence inevitably returns. I’m most excited about that one, I think I should probably start moving towards that direction though it’s been nice to experiment with bigger, more atmospheric sounds. The third one is a little interlude song, pretty dreamy sounding. I gotta fix a lot so I’ve been neglecting it.

Basically, after all is said and done I should have a pretty good chunk of demos finished and then I can decide what’s good and what should be used for my debut release. I believe my brother and I will have a vinyl release in the near future. I gotta pick a song though…

All in all, I’m still creating. It’s good to see all these songs coming together to form what will hopefully be a solid debut release in the future.


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