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Scott Pilgrim

On twitter I came across a retweet from Bryan Lee O’Malley (Scott Pilgrim author) about a new convert to the film/comic and it got me excited. It can be read here: I’ve always been fanatic about music, tv shows and movies but not the way I feel about Scott Pilgrim. I saw the film in theaters when it came out with little expectations. My brother said it was pretty cool and that was all that convinced me. I was a little burned out by Michael Cera (whom I now consider my favorite actor and think of as nothing less than brilliant) and that probably would’ve turned me off from seeing it had I seen the trailer. It also just so happens that during the summer of Pilgrim (2010) I had just recently been converted to Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg’s brilliant BBC series ‘Spaced’ and spent much of that summer watching and re-watching, laughing and re-laughing, 

In the previous mentioned blog that inspired this post, the author mentions the opening sequence as immediately drawing her in. I would agree. I just turned 22 and was living on my own for the first time of my life in an urban neighborhood and an aspiring musician to boot. All I wanted was to find love. As soon as that movie starts you are hooked into that world. Edgar Wright and Bryan Lee O’Malley’s world. Scott Pilgrim’s world. I knew those characters, I knew those feelings. There aren’t enough stories about people in their early 20s post college who are still finding their way. Not everyone becomes a lawyer or teacher. Some people work in cafes and play in bands and are poor. 

I fell in love with Knives originally, but over time started to recognize Ramona’s cool and enigmatic aura. I got why Scott wanted her so much. After I saw the film I bought the comic books and that opened up a whole other world for me. This packed so much more than the amazing film. The universe in Scott Pilgrim is one that I want to live in. It’s the one movie I wish I could watch over again and see it the way I saw it the first time. I don’t recommend drugs but if I ever decided to try mushrooms, this is the movie to watch. My favorite part is when Ramona takes Scott’s hand and they go through the door and Beachwood Sparks amazing song ‘By Your Side’ comes on and the sequence that follows… Obviously inspired by The Big Lebowski but so damn beautiful. 

I know this is supposed to be my music blog but whatever, I thought I’d share my love for this movie. I didn’t edit or re-read before posting so forgive the inconsistency. 


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